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Major Collywobble Frenzy...

Got a summons from the benefit droids to go to Wimbledon next week for one of those medical exams...Now, I know that I actually legitimately still have enough 'points' to qualify for 'incapacity', but such is my resentful terror when it comes to authority figures, that I'm now in for several weeks of craven fear and dread. No, no, I'm not fit to be a Jobseeker again! (Well, nobody with any sense would be, but I'm actually legit...Honest....Waaaaaaah!)
Feel really crap today, anyway. I think the pollen/pollution levels must be extra-high.
The lift to my floor has been out of order for five days, now, and the other lift is frighteningly slow and wobbly. They're also doing some new 'decorating' involving a lot of (shriek!) red paint. Evidently this is what those tenants who actually go to TA meetings decided on, so, I should have gone along and made my opinion known, for whatever good it might have done. I always used to say I'd be a responsible tenant and take part in such stuff, if I weren't exhausted by my dreadful, draining dayjob...Well, I'm still recuperating from 22 years of that dreadful, draining job, OK? (Also, TA meetings are attended by bawling pikeys, strangers to deodorant, who bring their anklebiters along, and refuse to open the windows in the small, stuffy room, even though they're all constantly smoking Capstans Full Strength, of whatever. I am not one of their element, etc...)

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