Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Prophetic Dream?

Ugh, it's all murky now,although it was lovely and cool this morning.
R Next Door had one of her psychic moments the other day. She had a scary dream about her friend A, who she's never dreamt of before. She walks her dog, and has a key, so she went up there to find the poor dog (as ancient as Lula, and rather gaga and fretful) alone, hungry, and confused. There was blood on the floor, and paramedics' bits and pieces. A, it transpired, had had a turn and fallen. She was carted off, and kept in hospital overnight for tests.She hadn't been able to get a connection on her phone, to call anyone. It turned out she was OK, anyway, and R saw to the poor old pooch until she got home the next evening.
Watched GAME OF THRONES. Another rather leisurely episode culminating in a lively battle.Heh. TWIN PEAKS carries on captivating. If anyone hasn't watched season one of the interesting CLEVERMAN, you can still catch up oniPlayer. Season 2 has started recently, and it's worth checking out. It's inspired by Aborigine lore, and has some nice woowoo elements.


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