Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Whoosh!...Blow Winds...

Just couldn't get up again, this morning, until almost nine. Gross. Luckily I did my turn in the park before it got rainy. In fact, it still hasn't rained much, although it looks and feels stormy.
Jane Campion's TOP OF THE LAKE:CHINA GIRL is going to be a corker, if it stays up to the standard of the first episode.
Creepy and gripping, with a good cast and flashes of dark humour.  Teenager Mary's sleazebag older boyfriend is so scruffy and unpleasant, he's gotta be totally innocent, btw.The whole series is on iPlayer, so don't know if I'll be able to resist bingeing.
AGAINST THE LAW was terrific. Again, there was really good acting, and very moving testimony from RL elderly gay men who suffered in the pre-legalistion days. It was so incredibly cruel and crazy. I nearly cried.
IN THE DARK has started the second story, and so far, it's fairly interesting. The second chapter of the first tale was rubbish, though. Hopefully this one will be better.
Good for old John McClain, in what may be his last stand,defying up his party to save Obamacare.


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