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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Managed to get exercise done with  before it got too wet, then went to the NPG to see the  BP Portrait Award show, which was very crowded with annoying people who stood in front of the paintings for ages, blocking MY view. It was unexciting as usual, though. Despite the great skill displayed, there wasn't much 'soul'. I only really liked one picture, of a troubled-looking boy in red bathing trunks standing on a seaside rock.

TWIN PEAKS was excellent yet again, with several good 'scenes that some viewers may find disturbing'. I didn't care much for Diane's outfit this week, though. (Green corduroy jacket with salmon pink trousers and black flat pumps. Meh.)
GAME OF THRONES started pretty quietly but worked up to some intereresting action, including a sea battle.
I also watched another mad old movie, on TALKING PICTURES. HELL DRIVERS a tale of rock'em-sock'em truckers in conflict, featured a lot of people who went on to be famous; Stanley Baker, as usual, Patrick McGoohan, Sean Connery, Sid James, Herbert Lom, original 'Doctor' William Hartnell, and my top schoolgirl celeb crush, David McCallum.


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David McCallum, phwoar. I'm not enjoying this series of GoT much. It was better when it was following GRRM's plot as he's a better writer. He said on KJ the other day that he hopes to have the next book out next year, so yay. Have only seen Ep 1 of Twin Peaks so far but loved it to death. I always enjoy looking at your NPG picks.

I agree about sticking more to the originals, but what with the series not being entirely written yet, I guess deviation is inevitable. At least they've killed off a couple of those tedious Sand Snakes. I'm keen on woman warriors, but not this boring lot.

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