Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Time Lady!

Well, that's interesting. I'm still pissed off at losing Capaldi, but who knows? This could be good, if only to amusingly  convulse haters.
It's amazing how seriously people can take stuff like this.
I am, of course, sick, due to the excruciating, if mercifully unsunny weather. There's just no damn air to breathe.
Carried on reading about the louche, loony antics of Radclyffe Hall and friends. The extravagance of rich people's lifestyles in those days was just fabulous. When she moved into 'Chip Chase,' 'John' bought a nearby cottage for her and Una's fave medium, so they could have her on tap for daily seances...
Watched TRUMBO, which was worthy, but overlong and largely dull.
Nearly time for the next ep of HANDMAID'S Tale. Hey ho,,,

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