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According to the Guardian Superhero quiz, I'm a brooding Batperson, which is OK really. I mean, being Superman, say, would be pretty dull. He's got cool powers, but seems to have very little personality. Bad things about being Batman (apart from the existential agony, which I have, anyway-)are NO superpowers, and horrid little sidekick. The millionaire part is OK with me, though.
Spent part of the 'holiday' watching the Top 100 Movie Stars thing. Some of them are really odd- I mean, Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett? Ewan MacGregor? They're fine, but how long have they been around? No silent stars at all, either,unless you count(ugh-) Charlie Chaplin, and where are James Cagney, Spencer Tracy...? Obviously the 'public' taking part in this poll are absurdly (grumble!) young.,3604,950128,00.html
Gotta go to the doctor, later, to see if I can get any new wonder drugs that might be floating around for the ol' Spring/Summer allergy explosion , which is currently rendering me ultra-useless. The nosebleeds really are the limit! I think I must have seen something on TV as a child that gave me the idea that if your nose bleeds, you die. I always freak out.
Have seen bits here and there of I'M A CELEBRITY- which seems much more boring than the first series. I must say, though, the 'Bush Tucker Trials' are seriously sadistic this time around. This 'Fash' (-who ARE these people?-)person, who keeps getting chosen all the time, as he's particularly dumb, self-deluded and obnoxious, had to pick 'stars' out of tanks containing really gross smelly things like meal worms, hideous Goliath stick insects, etc, by putting his whole face in the tank and groping with his teeth! Uhhhhh, Harsh! Must say I larfed when they sent him accross the 'Bridge of Doom'. (with safety harness, etc. of course-)It predictably collapsed under him, and he screamed like a little girlie 'cos he's got a heights phobia. Now, I suffer (very badly-) from this one myselfand should have sympathised, yet enjoyed his obviously genuine distress HUGELY! I'm just no good, I guess...(snigger-)

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