Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Continuing to feel completely frelled; all systems malfunctioning. The humidity just doesn't let up, although I'm grateful for a bit less heat and sun.
I've been going to the park rather late, as I've felt so queasy, but once I do jiggle about a bit, I feel better for a while.I was talking to old C about Soho in the olden days, Bunjy's, the Macabre, all those good cafes and greasy spoons to hang out in. They're nearly all long gone, now. *Sigh*.
Nothing much to distract me on TV. That OINK!  pig documentay was well received, but I would probably get upset...Maybe I'll check out THE YOUNG POPE
I've been obsessing about Radclyffe Hall again. Strange, I found her fascinating since I was a kid, although she was really a rather obnoxious snob, and heinous writer...The arty Lesbos of that era always interest me. I read THE WELL OF LONELINESS at about 13,because it was one of those 'Bad Books' you weren't supposed to look at, but  they had the paperback in Woolworth's. Crap as it was, I liked the heroine's love of animals, and cried when she had to shoot Rafferty the horse. There was, of course, nada about actual sex. and I became afraid that I was an 'invert' because I wanted to cut my hair off and wear trousers all the time!
When I worked in Hadley Wood, I was quite excited that I passed  'Chip Chase' all the time. RH lived there with lover Una Troubridge for a few years. Your couldn't really see the house ( a Mock Tudor castle, I believe-) but I used to nose around on the leafy drive a bit, but was scared to go too far, in case I got arrested.It was a very posh area.
I also liked her style; well some of it. The boxy tweed suits didn't turn me on much...My mother made me wear those!
I've started reading THE TRIALS OF RADCLYFFE HALL, which I've never got round to, until now. Entertaining so far.


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