Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Ohhh, Jeezus...This morning I felt sooo sick, I actually didn't even attempt my 'workout'. I was wrecked by the short walk to Cedars Road to pick up a paper. The air is just so thick and filthy, and the sun beating down...I'm a bit scared. How long can this weather go on? I guess a lot of other old people are more or less prisoners indoors when it's like this. Even as a kid, I found summer unpleasant and uncomfortable; now I actually fear it, and it keeps me from doing stuff I might otherwise be able to force myself to do; social life, etc.
I keep the cat's food bowl in a tray full of water, to deter the ants, but this morning, there they were, regardless!
I'm OD~ing on Rennies', even though I'm not eating much. Guess I will have to see the doctor.
Update on EAST ENDERS' Dave the Cat...He's alive, and presented himself at the hospital, looking for Dot, who was upstairs mourning him, on her bed of broken hip pain. It looks like there may be a custody battle with the boring new couple on the Square, though. We now have a case of teen incest resulting in pregnancy, and all. There  are scores of boring stories going on in EE at present. The Dave saga is the most involving!
 Finished watching the OITNB season, and several very bad horror films. I couldn't even think of doing anything less lame.



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