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Actually Got the Shudders...

I guess it's because of the wind whipping around the tower, as it's certainly not cold. I was really shivering last night.
I spent a lot of time yesterday shifting the sitting-room furniture around. it doesn't look any better. Wish I could get my rocking chair repaired. Apart from being a bit dangerous, it really looks bloody awful, listing like that; gets on my nerves...
So farewell then, New York Subway Tokens! This is really sad. I always liked them as objects. At one point, you could buy a box of them strung on a ribbon as a gift (must have really gone down well...)!
To me, they represented FREEDOM, temporary escape from Williston Park, pretending I actually lived in Manhattan and was a 'sophisticated' baby beatnik going to the High School of Music and Art, or something...They were bloody good value, too. You could travel anywhere in the Five Boroughs on them, and on the Staten Island Ferry, too,I think...At least in the olden days...The 1953 and 1970 designs were the most aesthetically pleasing, to my mind, but, of course, they were the ones I lived with. Alas...

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