Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Why, This Is Hell...

Yesterday was the hottest day since the sizzling summer of '76...I remember how horrific that was, and how lucky I was. ..I was working at the time as an 'au pair' for some crazy rich people in Hadley Wood. They had a proper swimming pool, which, for some reason, they hardly used, even in the heat. When I was off duty, it was MINE! It got me through that blazing hell season.
It's only June, still, and I'm really afraid it's going to be another summer like that one. I was young and strong, then, dunno if I can cope, now. I barely survived yeasterday, and yet another restless night.
Blessed relief this morning, although it's still sulty and nasty to my taste. I was able to exercise, go to the supermarket, and pootle around a bit before flaking out.
They probably shouldn't let depressives watch BROKEN, but grim as it is, it's too good to miss. Sean Bean is terrific. You  can really feel 'Michael''s anguish. (as if I needed any extra...) I've always reckoned when he gets a chance to do 'serious, non-genre  stuff, he's an excellent actor, and he really should pick up a few gongs for this one.
Watched the last ep of the current BETTER CALL SAUL, which I'm also really liking. Looks like we may have lost a favourite character, damn it. but who knows? BTW, am I the only one who has strangely likey feelings for the terrifying Gus Fring?

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