Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Week of Weirdness...

It seems things get stranger by the day, although there's some relief from grimness in the election results. although it's just a tiny flicker of hope... It wasgood to see that so many young people got out and voted.
Finished watching season 5 of US HOUSE OF CARDS. It's still excellent, but life in general, especially amongst political folk, has become so mad, over the last few years, that the evil antics of the demonic Underwoods now sometimes seem almost genteel.
Has Hilary Mantell had some work done? She looks quite different, somehow.
I never did get my RADIO TIMES this week, and sent them a grumpy geriatric email.
The other day I went to see WONDER WOMAN, which was reasonably entertaining, although it dragged a bit in the middle, and I nodded off for a few minutes. There were a number of children there, and it was nice to see them being exposed to rockem sockem action women. I wish there had been stuff like that around when I was a kid... I sometimes read WW comics, but mostly in the sappy era when she seemed to concentrate mostly on juggling her drippy suitors, Steve Trevor and Manno, a Paradise Island merman! I don't recall her havin a sword, either. DC Amazons were against killing. They'd just tie the baddies up good and proper (chortle) and hand them to the law to be rehabilitated.
On the way to the cinema, a poor old demented woman reeking of urine shuffled up and asked me to help her across the road. I was in so much arthritis pain myself, I was afraid I'd fall on her. I didn't, but the claggy stench of piss seemed to cling to me for hours. Oh well, I'll be like that soon, I suppose, if I live that song.


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