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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Another Day, Another Disaster...
Bloody Hell, another terrorist (?) incident; not far away from here, at all. It's been another horror-heavy week, with the Kabul bombings, the Manila casino fire, etc. No rest for this weary, fucked-up world.
Yesterday, I felt so overwhelmed by lassitude, I actually slept most of the afternoon, then went to bed early. I knew nothing about this latest tragedy, until about 4 AM, when Moon jumped on the bed and roused me.
R Next Door, of course, was railing against the horrors of London, and how this wouldn't happen in Austria (!) etc.
She was also giving me the hump about how I could never possibly go down this path to  collect Fossie the spaniel, to come play with her dogs, claiming even she has to turn sideways, and I would have to lift all my fat up and twist it around, although I probably would get stuck even then.  Later, I had to try it, and found I could get down to Fossie's gate, with very little difficulty. I wonder why she needs to say this shit?
Further trivial annoyance...I used to watch the crazy ancient films of Talking Pictures quite often, but it vanished. Now it's back, but HD only, it seems. I tried to record some gems they had on yesterday: FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE, DEMENTIA 13, and the splendid GORGO, but ended up with a load of pixellation. Feck!


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I thought of you as soon as I heard "east London", then saw it was Borough and London Bridge. I was in Borough Market last December as well as in Berlin exactly where the incident took place at the Christmas market. Fuckers.

Block out the sun. Right.

Look at the adorable ears on those dogs! I love that the dogs have playdates.

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