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There were some strong storms last night; even I woke up. It's STILL gruesomely humid, though. Luckily, I went to the park while it was still cloudy. I ran into R Next Door, sitting in the damp grass, with poor old Lula in her lap. Evidently she's no worse than usual, even with the heat. It actually would be a relief if she died, quickly and gently, though. R is eating and sleeping even less than usual, spending all her money at the vets', and constantly ministering to the dog.
Coffee Lovers was open, so I went in there and wrote down my dreams. It was fairly cool and comfy outside.
In the dream, the vazir from Korda's THIEF OF BAGHDAD (Conrad Veidt, creepier and scarier, with big bulgy eyes-) was in the bed I shared with a girl in The Boardinghouse. He seemed to want me to join in, but I was disgusted, and went to the next room to watch TV. It didn't seem odd to be sleeping with another woman, though. Lots of people seemed to share beds there, to pay less rent.

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ing. It made me cry.

What an absolutely beautiful drawing. It made me cry.

Thanks1 (I think-) I cried, too. Lula's still hanging in, there...

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