Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Flamin' Hell...

Fuckin' Ada! I've lost my debit card and at least £25 cash! I've looked and looked and it's really gone. Well, I can only hope the money is found by someone who needs it. (But I bloody need it Wah!) It's weird; coins and everything gorn. How did I manage that?
Haven't been getting much sleep the last few humid nights, and I'm feeling sickly, with the heat and hay fever. not to mention the achin' joints.
Saw the first 2 episodes of the new TWIN PEAKS, which is very, very slow indeed, and I've little idea what was going on,but that's to be expected. There were a few grotesque, rather scary, surreal apparitions, which were good.
Checked out the new Dutch thriller BLACK WIDOW, which wasn't particularly interesting. The only character I rather liked was the heroine's hangdog hubby, who won't be back, unless there are a lot of flashbacks. Don't know if I'll bother sticking with it.
Getting around is now an even greater pain in the arse, as the 87 bus doesn't go to Aldwych for the forseeable future, only Horse Guards. Bum. Quite a few other routes are also on long-term diversion.


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