Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sweaty and Grumpy...

Vile night; so humid and stuffy; kept waking up. Today was slimy and sweaty,relieved a bit by light cloud and a slight  breeze. I decided to escape by going to see ALIEN: COVENANT. Wow, it was brilliant. I won't say anything about the story, but it looked wonderful, had a decent 'grown-up' script, a solid cast, and the sound was excellent, too, underlying the creepiness. I do suggest seeing it on the big screen. There was a lack of serious 'jump' moments, which I suppose is inevitable, when everyone knows by now what happens when some poor soul gets infected. Still, quite gory and spooky. Best fillum I've seen in a few months.
I'm able to scan doodles at present, but LJ won't accept them. Maybe it's the horrendous humidity.
So, here's a pic of young Stewart Granger in a 40's CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA, flashing hairy armpits throughout in a wide selection of frighteningly lurid mini-togas. I stumbled onto it on London Live. It's a weird film, with dreamlike colour and atmosphere, starring a peeping Vivien Leigh as teen Cleopatra, Claude Rains a rather good Caesar, and a lot of well-known faces, (Flora Robson, Stanley Holloway.Michael Rennie, Leo Genn, etc.) in support. Worth seeing just for its oddity.


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