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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Fang Fear...
Well, since I can't tolerate the discomfort of dentures, I really need to get at least two implants to keep my remaining teeth in order. My dentist is currently in training with a specialist, and has offered to do the job for half price, a bit over £1000 each, plus a bone graft! It will be ruinous financially, but I really want to keep the few teeth I have left. It's frightening as well, although he says there should be no pain, I don't trust him (or ANY dentist...) It's a lengthy business and all.
My cold's clearing up, anyway, unless getting chilled to the bone in the park this morning gives me a relapse.


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I know what you mean; I have an upper plate and currently the only tooth I have in it is my upper left canine. It's unacceptable—as I've told the student at NYU Dental who works on me—because it makes it difficult to speak intelligibly and thus makes my speech impediment worse. I've had to tell him this repeatedly in hopes that it would trickle up to his supervisor.

Because they unapologetically work so slowly, I have no idea when or if this will get done, and how much it will cost me. (Factor in additional time for vacations and breaks, of course.) I can't afford a "real" dentist, so this is the best I can do.

Wow, that's an amazing price! My business partner didn't get any change out of five thousand quid when she had two implants done here. Other than the painful extraction of cash, she found it a totally easy process. Like you she can't tolerate false teeth, so she elected to do without them for the six months or whatever it is that you have to wait to get the actual tooth put on. Given that they were her two front teeth this was a brave decision:). That was the hardest part, the rest was just routine painless dentistry.

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