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Still Drawing...

All kinds morbid selfpitying drek just a-pourin' out, thank the gods. I've even been catching up on correspondence, applying for grants, etc., better do stuff while this lasts.
Watched that SURVIVING PICASSO film... very MerchantIvory/beautifully boring. Anthony Hopkins had a fair old go at Pablo, though.
Haven't seen any news this afternoon. Wonder if there's been any decent rampaging? Doubt it... I was right in the thick of the Poll Tax riot. People came running up from Trafalgar Square with their heads cracked and sought shelter at the stage door where I was working; blood and frenzy galore. A friend went out on the roof and got a terrific panoramic view of baton charges and whatnot. When I finally got out,after my double shift, it was all very quiet, but the area was ankle deep in litter, broken glass, etc. and it took forever to get home, even at 22:30 or so. An interesting day, that.

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