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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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And Kerchoo (Again!)...
Feels like a fairly heavyweight cold moving in. Am I ever NOT ill? Fap!
Saw a little press item somewhere, recently, where a person stated that they were so unaccountably repelled by the signt of Stephen Fry, that they couldn't  watch anything with him in it.
I don't mind Mr Fry, but there are certain well-known people that I can't endure looking at for long, however talented they are, or however delightful they may be in RL. It's a curious and (to me-) fascinating phenomenon. Like, why? Most of the folk in this top-of-my-head list are comics:

Rob Brydon
Ricky Gervais
James Corden
Rowan Atkinson
Tom Hanks
Damian Lewis


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The minute Jimmy Carr starts his godawful fake laugh I have to change channels. I watching him for years with out problems and then he started putting it on.

Oh yeah. he's pretty nauseating, although I CAN look at him if I have to.

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