Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Starving Artist Dream, etc...

My DVD/TV combo hasn't been working for ages. I'd forgotten it was insured! The DVD bit is knackered. That means I have no proper telly for about 10 days!  EARTH: FINAL CONLICT finishes tonight on Horror, too. It's so deranged, I'd really like to see how they wound it up.
I'm a bit annoyed about the BROADCHURCH finale, too. I was one of those who had suspected since series one, that the weedy, needy vicar was involved in something Really Dreadful. Oh well,,,
Coffee Lovers has re-opened after their holiday, praise  be, and I have somewhere to hang out and write down my dreams again...
I've had several 'stories' recently about having to check in to this sort of job cenre. You have to work there for 20 hours a week, or get your pittace cut. I was kept from getting anything, through their error, for years, The woman in charge, who looks a bit like Oprah Winfrey, is sympathetic, to a point, but she can't really help. I weep angrily 'I've been living on ten quid a week.' She admits it's terrible, but I'm not the only one...She sees a greeting card I've drawn, though, and puts me in the 'arty' work crew, which is going to be closed, shortly, but at least I won't have to stack shelves, etc, for a while.
I go into one of the galleries, and Mick Jagger is squatting in a corner cursing and swearing. with some of his 'Art Brut' canvasses. He complains that his money has been cut already. I think his stuff is no worse than mine, so I'm sure to get my dole cut really soon.


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