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On The Move. Well, Soon...
Going to Hell
I guess I really have to organise myself to move to Dreamwidth, what with LJ being taken over by queer-bashing oligarchs or whatever. I find it so difficult to do anything, though, and I LIKE LJ, dammit. I've been here for so many years. Still, ya gotta do what you gotta do.
Had a hell of a time getting my specs today. Buses all diverted or nonexistent, again; this time for the funeral of the poor poiceman who was killed outsede Parliament. I ended up walking over Waterloo Bridge and back. Huge 'police presence' and crowds of confused tourists everywhere. I wandered around the Cut, where I haven't been in ages, and got a bit lost. Finally caught sight of the London Eye, and found the bus stop to get home. I'd had enough walking by then.
LINE OF DUTY , though far-fetched  is terrific. Another fab cliffhanger ending this week. Can I endure the wait, now?
R Next Door was complaining about how people in London don't 'know their place.' Nobody salutes their betters, like her, when they meet in the street, etc., and men should always greet women first...I wonder if they actually behaved like this in rural Austria when she was a rich kid? It seems pretty incredible.


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I'm staying here. I've got a long history with LJ, it's my blogging home.

I'll miss your posts when you move to DW, but as you say ya gotta do what you gotta do.

I'll try to link, if I go, but I can't figure out the instructions, so I may have to stay here, evil bigots or no...

I reluctantly opened a Dreamwidth account and used these instructions:

Unless I got the whole thing hopelessly wrong, there wasn't much to it.

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