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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Movie Matinee...
Waddled up to see GHOST IN THE SHELL. It certainly was spectacularly visually impressive. I liked it, but wish they'd shown it in 3D. I'd not read the comic or seen the original film. I have this strange aversion to manga/anime, although I know a lot of people can't get enough. Same thing with classical ballet and most jazz. That may have been a good thing, in this case, as I had no preconceptions or expectations.
Otherwise, I've just been perishing with exhaustion. I couldn't face exercising this morning, but managed to feebly get through after the film.
Hope I can stay awake through the Surrealism stuff on BBC4, now


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I'm one of those can't get enough people when it comes to anime. I won't be going to see the Hollywood butchering of Ghost in the Shell: from the reviews it seems they've transformed a movie that makes you question the very nature of humanity into an action spectacular. Argh. I think it's probably only survivable with no preconceptions.

I think I'm actually starting to feel sorry for R. Her constant need to put others down doesn't point to a very happy interior landscape.

Ah, I guess my ignorange came in handy for a change. Knowing nothing of the originals, I just enjoyed it as an 'action spectacular'.

I remember watching one of those 'comics grows up' docs in the late 80s and they were talking about how there was manga on everything from fixing your bike to improving your golf stroke, and I felt terribly let down that none of that was translated and exported right away. Totally off-topic, but sure...oh yeah, Ghost in the Shell...never left an impression on me and Akira didn't resonate much either either. Visually impressive and some solid moments and beats but I couldn't piece it together as a whole tale, certainly not so I was wowed.

For me the Ghost in the Shell 2 movie is much stronger than the first one - it had a real gut punch - but I was still powerfully struck by the question the first raises of how much can you take away from a human and still call them human.

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