Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

A Wee Artist Date...

That bit too wet for the park, so pootled to the NPG for the Gillian Wearing/ Claude Cahun  exhibit, which I really enjoyed.
I love physical transformation and androgyny. Some of wearing's self-portraits as various family members, etc. are quite unbelievable. It was nice and peaceful, although a legion of loud school kids was arriving, just as I was leaving (thank gods-) There seemed to be quite a few old-fashioned Bohemian types around, though, which was nice.
Had a coffee in the Crypt cafe, which is still atmospheric, but rather upmarket these days. Puddings and soup are about four quid. Back in the day you could get a nice hearty helping of bread and butter pudding in lieu of a meal, for about half that.(Mumbles, beats gums together...) Still, I suppose with prices as they are now, it's still reasonable, and helps other po' folk.


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