Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Feeling kind of queasy and rough yet again. The other day I had to go for my vitamin C shot, and to have a couple of blood tests...Two nurses had two goes each to get enough gore out of my 'wobbly veins' and failed. Try again next week... Sometimes it's a bit difficult, but that was really a bit much.. I continue  just desperately wanting to sleep all the time. *Sigh*
Stuff I've watched: THE REPLACEMENT was daft but entertaining at first, but the final chapter was just SO silly that it pissed me off.
Continued enjoying BROADCHURCH 3. SS-UK has just finished; liveliest episode of a very dull series. The hero (Sam Riley)
was a very pretty young man with a rather sexy whisper, but the only really interesting character was the Nazi (Hunf?)
Saw  an atrocious Wes Craven film, THE BREED, with the usual tiresome young people being stalked by rather cuddly-looking large mutant Alsatians.
On the other hand, I was expecting ROOM to be really dull, but it was fascinating.
I've recorded the prequel to HEIMAT, which I remember obsessing over for most of the 90's. Hope it matches up to the earlier series.



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