Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Recently, I surfed into an ancient Arthur Askey film on TV, and found it rather frightening! I'd never seen him in action before, I don't think. Exceptionally odd...There was a 'Capt. Birdseye'- type character involved who was even scarier than Arthur.

Yesterday was one of those horrible weather days that I hate most; promisingly wet and chilly, then the bloody sun comes out and back and forth all day. That's the kind of weather that depresses me intensely. and it did. Maybe something really bad happened to me as a child on a day like that. Gawd knows.
I also felt melancholy about the death of Jay Lynch at 72. I'd never met him, but he was one of the major Underground Comix names from my youth. *Sigh*
I didn't work out, anyway, because the morning was so wet.
It was quite decent, today, though, and after that, I went to get my fake nails removed, as they were getting really vile, after 6 weeks or so. Got a manicure on my 'real' nails, and it feels odd having them so short, but at least looks tidy.
IMAGINE tonight is about Alice Neel, so that should be interesting. I quite like her stuff.



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