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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Enjoying The View...
Blowy! Actually, I rather enjoyed my lil' workout in the wind, yesterday. If it's not too fierce, it's quite invigorating. I do worry about being taken out by flying debris, though.
I considered going to the pictures, but couldn't decide between T2 and LOGAN. In the end, I couldn't be arsed. Next week, maybe.
Saw an interesting IMAGINE...about Maya Angelou. I've always thought she was terribly full of herself, though. There was a clip from a Q&A session where a young fangirl addressed her as 'Maya' and got thoroughly slapped down for
 being disrespectful. Poor kid looked petrified.
This morning, it was drizzly, and I postponed going to the park, to go and buy cat litter, for thrills. On the way home, I went to Coffee Lovers, where I saw a grey-haired man who looked strikingly like handsome actor Michael McManus,who used to play hott zombie Kai in LEXX. Oh my goodness...I had to sneak gawks at him now and then. Poor soul was probably terrified by the old hag leering lewdly at him. Chortle.
Another unusual, and not so pretty sight was a man about my age, in a heavy old-fashioned tweed jacket teamed with short cut-offs. His legs were red raw in the dank chilly weather. Strange.


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Good grief, those are much shorter shorts than I imagined judging from your picture. Why on earth? He must be freezing!

It was a most curious spectacle.

Oo oo potential Michael McManus! Did he have grey hair and grey stubble? According to Google Images that's the look he's doing these days. Sadly he's not as drop dead gorgeous now as he was then. Must get my Lexx DVDs out.

PS this sentence from his IMdB bio: "He is an accomplished actor and has been in stage productions in both Canada and the United Kingdom."

!!!!!! Could have been him!

No, he was only about 40, I reckon.

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