Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Still A True Brit...

Got my new passport, to my great relief. Silly as it is, I wondered if they might just decide to deport me, even though I've been a UK citizen for close to 45 years. Ludicrously paranoid, of course, but these days, it just seems any bizarre thing might happen...
Been watching too much telly as usual. The wonderfully whacky TABOO ended with a bang. There seemed to be the possibility of a second series. If there is, I hope Tom Hollander's sublimely sleazy Cholmondeley isn't as terminally crisped as he appeared to be.
There's a new three-part thriller. THE REPLACEMENT, which I wasn't particularly drawn to, but it's more original and entertaining than expected. Will probably stick it out. Ditto the final series of BROADCHURCH,which is already about 50 times better than the very dull second series, so hopefully will stay good.
Have also watched AS ABOVE,SO BELOW. a spooky story set in the Paris catacombs. No masterpiece, but moderately entertaining. ROOTS finishes tonight. I wasn't overly taken with the first lengthy chunk, but the 'Chicken George' saga last week was excellent.

The scanner is (sort of )working again. I've no idea why it conks out for ages, then revives, for no reason that I can ascertain.

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