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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Woowoo Wind...
Vanga vanga crone
It's still mild, but it's a very strange sort of day. Mostly cloudy, with a spooky wind since last night. I wonder if this 'Doris' is going to be rather a lively storm. Hope everyone who's commuting/travelling doesn't have too much aggro.
I think THE KETTERING INCIDENT may be my next TV series; looks rather interesting.
I didn't crawl out of the pit until NINE this morning, and then unwillingly. ( Moon was getting insistent about breakfast.) I'm just so horribly depressed and exhausted, it's ridiculous.
I wish I could afford a cleaner. I'm finding even keeping reasonably tidy and clean a great difficulty nowadays. As for creativity, I don't seem to have a smidgin left, if I ever had any. *Sob*.
Read that Allen Ginsberg was a paedophile (Well, a supporter of (barf) NAMBLA anyway-) It seems to be conmon knowledge, but I hadn't been aware of it. Damn! Of course, Benjamin Britten seems to have been that way inclined, too, but evidently managed to keep the brakes on. Maybe Ginsberg did, too.

Still having no luck with the scanner. So vexing...