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Time for A Manic Curve...

I've been pretty 'good' today, lots of cartooning, not too much staring at the walls/watching telly, etc.
A big greebo came to service the boiler. When he did the paperwork, He said "Miss, is it?" and I hissed back "MZZZ!"... How very 70's of me. It pisses me off though, that 'womenfolk' still have to be defined by marital status...and, of course, I suppose I was annoyed 'cos the guy assumed I wasn't married, due to hideousness. I always get pissed off when they call out 'Hey Missus-' as well, though, as that means 'old fart'. Definitely a no-winner...
Forgot to watch I'M A CELEBRITY, GET ME OUT OF HERE!, last night.Must atone. I've been told they really have an extremely annoying selection of contetestants, and 'Critter Pants' sound like a pretty creative torture, for starters...

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