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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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R Next Door is all in a frenzy about a local drunk/stoner woman giving her verbal, again. She insists that because she grew up in a virtual paradise, she can't now be expected to cope with anyone being nasty to her. The woman called her a Nazi and stuff, but R does say the most amazingly ignorant things about POC, peoiple on benefits and/or living in council flats (like herself!) fat people (like me), etc. constantly. I suggested she report it all to the ASB line, although I can't imagine that doing much, except maybe make things worse. Jeez...
She also insists my face is still swollen, but I think it may be just my drooping dawg jowl. My jaw does still ache, though, and it's the last day of the antibiotic course.

Looks like the scanner has conked out again. Damn.
I skipped exercise because it was so 'orribly cold and damp. That's happening too much lately, and I can feel myself blowing up...I just want sleep and coffee and cake...
Managed to take yet another load of stuff to the charity shop. I must have spent thousands over the years on clothes that don't suit me, aren't comfortable,quickly bored me, etc, and my teeny closets are still bursting,

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How's da face? Sound like the pain is receding at least.

Scarily, it still hurts! It was a huge grinder, right at the back. Swelling's minimal, though.

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