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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Mah Shit's Fucked Up...
Still failing to get very far with my de-cluttering.
I have to get rid of the giant bed I spent a huge fortune on some years ago. It needs a new mattress, a repair to the handset, and the built in DVD on the telly needs work.
 It had a big faux leather head and foot board, and needs to be taken away by sturdy people who know how to dismantle such things, and are handy with gadgets.
I'm  thinking of getting rid of my motorised recliner chair, which is  huge, as well, and due to the attention of cats, needs reupholstering, Good working order. Again, it's big and bulky and needs fairly skillful handling.
It's hard to believe  these places are supposed to be occupied by a couple, and maybe two kids. There's no storage at all. I've never considered myself a hoarder, but the place is just so full of crap...

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I'm down to about three bags and two boxes of misc.clutter, the rest sorted into categories. I don't like when clutter occupies ambiguous areas in the mind and fosters indecisiveness, which happens to me a lot. I suppose the alternative is chucking out things that could be useful.

Hoping tooth remedy is imminent x

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