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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Feckin' Frelled Again...
Snot fair...STILL have swelling and some pain. An FB friend commented it sounded like 'dry socket', and Google agreed, so I'm off to the dentist tomorrow.Bloody hell.
I actually lay abed festering until 10:30 this morning; totally unbelievable. Then I nodded off again this afternoon!
I've been watching the first season of GLITCH on Netflix. People rise from the dead in a dozy Australian town... Quite interesting.
There was an excellent documentary on Francis Bacon, BRUSH WITH VIOLENCE. It will be on iPlayer for a while.
TABOO continues to be crazy and entertaining, and I'm interested to see how APPLE TREE YARD works out.


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Good that you're getting checked, but don't panic, I looked like popeye for over a week after my wisdoms came out, and it hurt like hell for days. It might be "normal" pain and swelling, but if you're checked they can put your mind at rest and give you a strong anti-inflammatory. Good luck!

We're liking Taboo too. That actress is really quite lovely...

You had a tooth pulled? The only thing I can say is dry socket isn't "some pain;" it's the worst pain you'll ever feel in your life, so you probably don't have dry socket. [fingers crossed for you]

Also, as long as you allow a clot to form, you certainly can eat! They recommend mild, soft things, but they don't discourage eating.

And yes, the icon is one of my extractions. I've had far too many.

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