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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Dental Agony...
Going to Hell

Glad that's over (unless there's infection or something-)  The tooth (right at the back-) came out with difficulty, and split into several pieces. Why don't dentists use gas any more? At least with that, if it still hurt, despite the anaesthetic, you didn't care, because you were all nice and goofy.
Looks like I have a golf ball or something in my cheek, and probably will still be swollen tomorrow.
H was telling me about her neighbour, who had bariatric surgery and lost a lot, but now looks at least ten years older. Tell me about it! Still can't get over the new passport photos. I didn't realise I looked THIS bad, now. More like 90 than 70 (and 70's bad enuff!)
The Horror!

On the topic of ugly mugs, I've been fooling around with Trump's, but can't get anywhere near it yet.  I thought he'd be really easy.

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Clearly you have discovered the opposite of the Meitu app. It is the special passport filter all right. Gah!

You gotta laugh- I look ever scarier with my dewlap all swollen up! :D

Honey, NOBODY looks good on a passport photograph. Me, I look like a surly bandit. I'm willing to bet Charlotte Rampling past and Taylor Swift present look like hags on theirs.

And your top right Trump, the large coloured one, is perfect. The others are still better than you think.

Yeah that's my best Trump so far. I'll keep trying.
Re: passport photos- Frightening as I look. The one one my last passport is even more grotesque. It doesn't help that you have to make your face as blank as possible!

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