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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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No park again this morning, due to the rain. Went and had my nails done. a frippery I can't afford, but they looked SO manky...
I also had a cuppa at Coffee Lovers. You'd think I was well off.
Just now, I fried an egg and some mushrooms for lunch. using that lo-cal 'olive oil' spray, and barfed almost immediately.
Strange, that, how I still get sick sometimes, so long after the op, and from quite plain, everyday food. Unfortunately, I'm able to eat all sorts of 'bad' stuff without  unloading it straight away.
SHERLOCK finished last night with a spectacular shark-jumper. (Not that I didn't quite enjoy it, in a perverse way.)
[There were an awful lot of strange things, though, like how did secret sister manage to get leave from her secure Lecter cube on Mad Genius Island to play all those pranks? How did Holmes and Watson (blown out an upstairs window), Mycroft and Mrs Hudson ( right underneath the Boom) sirvive the Baker Street Bomb unharmed? How did Watson, who was chained in the well) escape by climbing a rope? And so on...]
Spoilers here...

Later, watched a weird little 'art' thriller on the Horror channel, AMER. It was gorgeous to look at, but pretty plotless, a kind of surreal psychodrama with added S&M and a bit of woowoo. Worth a look for its visual lushness , and to spot the many cinematic references.


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I watched the final 'Sherlock' about 3 in the morning. I was ok with it, but I don't think it was one of their best episodes. Didn't buy the Redbeard/Victor Trevor twist, Mary Watson as 'Ghost of Fuck Ups Past,' nor the Mycroft/Eurus/Moriarty 'Xmas Present' gig. I think it went from challenging the realism boundaries, to not being in the realms of possibility at all. The Hannibal-Lecter-Crystal-Maze idea could have worked if they had edited some of it - it just felt that they had thrown in all of their ideas in the final episode just in case. A very itchy, jump-sharky impulse and it showed.

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