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Chronic Fatigue Crone...
It just seems to get worse and worse. These days I'm finding it difficult to even crawl out of my pit and keep the place reasonably tidy. I was spared exercise this morning, anyway, because of the rain. I didn't even have the energy to go out and pick up my Observer, though, although I'd already paid for it.
I just found myself actually watching effing COLUMBO, which I never did, even in the olden days. Must say he had some swanky guest stars, though. Nicol Williamson was the killer of the week in the episode I saw.
Bloody grim week coming up, with the inauguration of the Screaming Carrot Demon as US President, and my (shudder) 70th birthday!
Of course, there's the MCR, too. Hope I can get a train on Friday. I expect the strike will still be on. They mostly do run, but erratically. Bah.
Must get my new passport photos, etc. pronto, as it runs out in March. I'm afraid if it expires, they'll decide I'm not a proper UK citizen and deport me!


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There are no strikes scheduled for next Friday, I've had a quick check. Next one is Monday 23rd of Jan.

Make sure you have my mobile so I can pick you up from Burgess Hill.

You'll be getting the downstairs office room to yourself, with a proper bed. If it gets too much, you can retreat!

Maman is saying she'll leave on Friday or Saturday. Swings and roundabouts, the Soss is therapeutic but the mother is much.

Hee hee...Thought the strikes were on every Friday until it's sorted. That's good, anyway. The mum is rather scary, it must be said, but do hope I get to meet the Soss.

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