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Excellent Ensor Exhibit...

No proper snow. I had a feeling it wouldn't really happen, although there were flurries this morning, and that wind is bitter.
I skipped exercise and went out to the RA early, to make sure I got to the Ensor show before it closes on the 29th. It's not a big exhibit, really,but consists mostly of stuff you can't see in London. I certainly enjoyed it, more than the blockbuster Carravaggio and Picasso shows I saw last week. Ensor is one of those people I'd like to hang out with. He must have been an interesting character. It wasn't very crowded at all, and I could have  a good gawk at his small drawings and etchings full of weird carryings-on. The other people in attendance seemed a cut above the usual art touristy types, I noticed; thoughtful students who actually seemed interested in what they were looking at, and posh (except for me-) interestingly dressed elders, who didn't jabber inanely and jostle. I found all the the creepily comic subjects fascinating and kind of inspiring. Good stuff.
Watched a curious Turkish horror film, BASKIN, on Film Four. It wasn't very original story-wise, but was quite well done, and some of the surreal imagery was hauntingly spooky.


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I must remember to look at the RA for interesting stuff next time I'm in London. I tend to think of it as stuffy, but that's probably unfair.

Off to Antarctica/Santiago/Easter Island/Tahiti tomorrow - this has been booked for two years so I'm used to thinking of it as in the distant future, but apparently it is actually going to happen. I will look forward to catching up on your doings when I return mid-Feb.

The RA has an art of the Russian revolution exhibit coming up...

BTW, Bon Voyage! Sounds exciting. :D

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