Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Vet Visit...

Zonked out on the 'nip and Feliway, Moon made no attempt to escape when I grabbed her and loaded her into the Petmobil.
I walked home with her, off the main road, as she seems to enjoy having a sniff of the neighbourhood. The tests, thank gods, went well. Her blood levels are slightly better, even. I'm scared, though, as the checks cost £150, and it's an ongoing thing for the rest of her life. I'm trying to get the insurance to help, but they reckon it's a 'pre-existing condition'. The vet has kindly agreed to have a word with them to try and get a re-assessment, bless her. but I don't suppose there's much hope.
Still, I'm grateful that Moon's OK for now.

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