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Inertia Again...
Another day of bone idleness, wasting what life I've got left gawping at TV. (I did exercise, although I'd planned to cop out; Vile too-warm murky weather again, and smelly, muddy park...) Skimmed through some EARTH, FINAL CONFLICT episodes for Taelon and critter scenes.The new serial TABOO looks promising and held my attention.( We have here some spooky Georgian goings-on involving Tom Hardy lurking and brooding. More interesting than the usual BBC weekend fare.)
Haven't seen the Bowie documentary yet. Will probably cry. It's silly, but his death seems to have set the tone for the whole last year of incessant misery and horror, and things don't look like improving any time soon...which reminds me, I didn't know you were allowed to carry an unloaded gun onto an airplane. Jeez...


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