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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Beyond Caravaggio, etc...

Thought I'd have another go at seeing this exhibit before it closes. There was a queue, but I only had to wait ten minutes or so.
It was OK, but not exactly thrilling. I'm certainly glad I didn't pay the full price. The crowd was just about tolerable, and quite well-behaved, so that was good. I can't say any of the paintings that were new to me actually knocked my socks off, except for Lo Spadarino's tough-guy Christ glaring confrontationally at us as he pries open the wound in his side.
On the whole, I'm glad I went, but as usual, it was absurdly over-hyped.
It was a 'busy' day, as my days go. I got my exercising done, went to Coffee Lovers and wrote my dreams down. picked up the laundry, and went to the exhibit, Hey, hey, hey.
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER looks like it's going to be ultra-crap, with a collection of etremely dreary unknown-to-me housemates, but I imagine I'll end up watching it , as per usual

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I heard there's a comics geek in the house this year. How do his (because its surely a bloke) credentials stand? Do people constantly refer to superhero films or has anyone asked him about the Beano and Dandy yet, and how long?

Oh yes, that painting was amazing!

On the whole, I agreed with your critisism.

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