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Well, Here It Is...
Going to Hell
...2017. More of the same, so far, with a  horrid terrorist attack in Istanbul, dammit.
Fog here has cleared quite a bit, but it's murky and drizzly. I did work out a bit, but pretty feebly. No sign of R Next Door.
Instead of watching Jools Holland, I opted for a cheesy New Year with Robbie Williams, who seems to be holding on to his youthful looks quite efficiently. Lots of fireworks around here, but Moon is pretty laid back about them, fortunately.
Saw quite an interesting film on Netflix, FOR LOVE OF SPOCK, by Leonard Nimoy's son Adam, documenting his dad's life and career.
Haw haw; just watched the most ludicrous ever EASTENDERS Yuletide death scene! Not to be missed. Now to check the interwebs before the new SHERLOCK starts...
I came across this silly book that I must have got for 1p or something, on Amazon,ART DOODLE LOVE by DawnDeVrees Sokoff and thought I'd faff around with it a bit. Scanner says no, though, so no doodlediary today. Feck.

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LOVE OF SPOCK is beautiful. So much more than Trekkie nostalgia fodder. I should probably give it to my dad as a present.

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