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Mine is so spot-on, it's pleasingly creepy. I'd like to use it as an icon, but can't copy it, due to idiocy. Crumbs...
I am trying to work, actually, I really, really am...

-But I can waste just a little more time...
Hm, perhaps I should stalk the shperical, baldy, brilliantly talented Udo Samel, as we have a 97% chance of getting it on... The radiantly beautiful Michael McManus, on the other hand, is only a 52%, whereas I guess I'd better just stop having those perverted thoughts about (26%) Allison Hannigan. The gods obviously don't approve; and Kevin Spacey and I would 'both have to put a lot of work into it' (snerkle-that could be interesting-) to get anywhere with that rather feeble 48%. Guess, I gotta relocate to Germany-
What,'this site has no serious intention whatever'!? Arse!

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