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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Blue Boxing Day...
grump santa
More 20016 misery...The Russian plane crash the other day wiped out a large number of the famously excellent Russian Army Chorus, along with other poor souls. At least it doesn't seem to have been terrorism.
Woke this morning to the news of George Michael's early death. Quite a shock. I wasn't a fan of his. (His music just wasn't my thing.), but to die so young is always cruel, and he was a major icon to many.
R Next Door is really shaken. She claims to have had a brief fling with him back in the day. (Her estranged family was very wealthy, and, she claims, hobnobbed with all sorts of showbiz and political/aristo types...) She reckons if they'd stayed together, she could have 'saved him' from his gayness!  I often wonder how true her stories are. I suppose they're not impossible, but why on earth would her siblings plot to deprive her of her house, and her share of the parental riches, etc.?

Glad to see that EASTENDERS' Dot has taken in the stray cat that's been hanging around the Square.'Michelle' has also turned up after about twenty years, in a new body, Phil is having a liver transplant as we speak, and Max Branning the slapheaded seducer who was wrongly banged up for the murder of Lucy,
is back on the scene, too.
I quite enjoyed THE LADY IN THE VAN and the documentary about Alan Bennett's diaries. He just scrawls them on loose bits of paper, and this poor woman has to sort them out and type them up. Jeez.
I continue to put off doing anything worthwhile.


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About 'er next door, considering that I was there when my father's brother-in-law legally stole my father's childhood home (and mine too, to some extent, since I spent quite a bit of time with my grandfather), I can't say I find the idea very hard to believe.

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