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Ho Ho Ho...

You do sail into some rum scenes while channel surfing. Last night, right after SAVING MR BANKS (Meh-) I found myself watching Mads Mikkelsen thrashing naked Daniel Craig with a gigantic chain. I say... It was, of course, a Bond film, CASINO ROYALE. I think I've seen bits of every Bond film, but they don't particularly interest me. This one had Venice in addition to S&M, though. A whole building collapsed into a canal, apparently unnoticed by the population...
Hmm, I see SCROOGE is on later. I think I've seen that, at least in part, every year of the last 65. Here's the bit where I always 'fill up.' Snork!
It really is an excellent film, actually; so beautifully shot, and Alistair Sim is brilliant.
I've also taken up half-watching the old sci-fi series EARTH:FINAL CONFLICT. It has a cast of about 700, and I have very little idea of what they're all up to. The 'Thalons' (?) fascinate me, though, I like the way the wibble their fingers, as if constantly picking up messages from the ether, and 'Da'An' is a great character.
I actually received several posted Christmas cards this year. Many thanks to those who took the trouble to send them. I just don't any more, but would like to wish a happy as possible Yuletide to all my readers, although I'm aware that quite a few have also had a shit year, with personal losses and illness, as well as the horrors in the news. Here's hoping the gods cut us all some slack in 20017.



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