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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Ho Ho Ho...
You do sail into some rum scenes while channel surfing. Last night, right after SAVING MR BANKS (Meh-) I found myself watching Mads Mikkelsen thrashing naked Daniel Craig with a gigantic chain. I say... It was, of course, a Bond film, CASINO ROYALE. I think I've seen bits of every Bond film, but they don't particularly interest me. This one had Venice in addition to S&M, though. A whole building collapsed into a canal, apparently unnoticed by the population...
Hmm, I see SCROOGE is on later. I think I've seen that, at least in part, every year of the last 65. Here's the bit where I always 'fill up.' Snork!
It really is an excellent film, actually; so beautifully shot, and Alistair Sim is brilliant.
I've also taken up half-watching the old sci-fi series EARTH:FINAL CONFLICT. It has a cast of about 700, and I have very little idea of what they're all up to. The 'Thalons' (?) fascinate me, though, I like the way the wibble their fingers, as if constantly picking up messages from the ether, and 'Da'An' is a great character.
I actually received several posted Christmas cards this year. Many thanks to those who took the trouble to send them. I just don't any more, but would like to wish a happy as possible Yuletide to all my readers, although I'm aware that quite a few have also had a shit year, with personal losses and illness, as well as the horrors in the news. Here's hoping the gods cut us all some slack in 20017.


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As I recall, the title theme of Casino Royale was done by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass at the height of their fame.

Edited at 2016-12-24 02:40 pm (UTC)

Sadly the Scrooge was a dreadful CG effort. Had no soul or tension, I'd have much preferred the original one.

There is that bit in the original where they're playing that idiom game... "soft as... silk" "cold as... ice" and Scrooge is watching with the Ghost of Xmas present and a party goer can't guess the end to "tight as a... tight as a... tight as a..." Scrooge gets very worked up because she can't guess. The rest of us all know the answer of course,

"tight as a... rat's arse."

Huh? Which Scrooges do you mean? The one I always watch is 1951.It also boasts a Jacob Marley who's actually a bit scary.

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