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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Just Coughin' In The Fog...
Damn, a nice wintry Christmas was predicted, but it's still 'orribly mild,
with a damp chill and lots of fog. I waited until it lifted, but I was still hacking and hawking furiously in the park. It cleared up for a while, though, and wasn't unpleasant, so I ambled to the High Street, although I didn't really need anything.
IN PLAIN SIGHT finished on ITV. I'd actually not heard of that killer, Peter Manuel. A very nasty piece of work, it seems, but rather clever with it.
I also finished watching THE OA, which I found much too long , really; rather repetitive, but the idea was quite interesting, and fairly unusual. Must say, I giggled whenever the angel gang went into their dance, though...
Yesterday, I got an envelope from the IRS, which immediately sent me into convulsions of terror. There's no reason I can think of that they'd have any reason to hassle me, but, natuarlly, I always assume that's what's going to happen. It was just to inform me that I don't owe any tax for 2015-16. Whew, Thank you, Jesus.

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The Netflix Dirk Gently series is quite fun, if you're looking a recommend. I'm completely hooked on Rick and Morty, probably will go spare when I finish it, and have Fargo Series 2 cued up: apparently quite a treat.

Leave the hacking and hawking to the silly smokers okay? Happy Christmas Lee x

Oh yes, FARGO 2 is excellent. Enjoy.

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