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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Moochin' Around...
Ohhh, I feel so TIRED. I've got a nasty
little cough, and heard quite a few similar hackings on my travels. Latest lurgy, I guess.
It was so dank, I thought I'd postpone the park routine, and go to the Austin Osman Spare show first. I enjoyed it, being a big fan of his. He's one of those people I'd like to hang out in cafes with.
Then, I sloped about for a while in and around Covent Garden. A lot of the old shops are long gone, including the veggie takeaways in Neal Street and Neal's Yard, where I often picked up lunch before repairing to St Paul's churchyard for some precious peace and quiet in my Wage Slave days. I popped into Mysteries, which seems to specialise inin tumbled stones, these days, and the upmarket sex shop Coc de Mer, full of Brancusi-esque dildos/vibrators, and very scratchy-looking  hubba-hubba lingerie. Bah. I've always wanted an actual coco de mer seed, though.
I passed a shop called Strangeon Charing Cross Road, which I don't remember ever seeing. It had a windo full of skulls, and lots of trendies hanging about, waiting for piercings or whatever. I was feeling quite nostalgic about the olden days, in the area, especially when I sat in the churchyard for  alittle while.
I also noticed quite a large 'police presence', especially around Vauxhall. Hope the terrorists aren't getting frisky.I carried on home, and dutifully did my lil' park workout before collapsing into the recliner. GHope this cough doesn't get any worse.

Throwback Thursday Random Doodle:

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I went to Covent Garden last Friday as much to my excitement I discovered I was allowed to bring back 2 kilos of cheese into NZ. (Our biosecurity laws are so strict I'd assumed that kind of thing was impossible, but yay, no.) I had a great time at Neal's Yard Dairy trying practically every cheese in the shop. I'm not sure which veggie takeaways you're referring to, but I do remember Cranks used to be there and that was always very yummy. I have their soup cookbook and still use it. I wanted to have another look around my fave Covent Garden thing the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre, but the crowds were so dense I couldn't even locate it, let alone go in.

I can't remember the names. There was a bakery/sandwich shop in the corner of Neal's Yard, and on Neal Street, there was a takeaway that also had some seating (Not Cranks). Their soup was cosmic.

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