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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Roma 3...
We got to use the lift up in the Colosseum, because of 'the lady with the stick'. Embarrassing, but glad of it. Coming down was bad enough. There weren't any scary-height places, either. We saw Nero, the official Colosseum cat, a handsome black aristocrat. There was one other cat, a tabby, there, sitting outside on the lawn, posing for tourist cameras. I had expected a lot of street cats, rather like in Istanbul, but evidently the city got so overrun with them, that they've been fed contraceptives since the 80's. The only other cat I noticed was a ginger, up in the convent gardens, chasing parakeets.
I visited a lot of churches on my own, and Alvise the guide took us into the gorgeous St Ignatius, where an orchestra was rehearsing for a concert. They were playing the Easter music from PARSIFAL, and it was so lovely I nearly fainted.
On Sunday, I wandered down to the Vatican with one of the group, who had a ticket for the special Mass. She was already very late, so I told her to hurry on, while I nosed around in shops, etc. Eventually I followed the crowds that were still about, to the front of St Peter's, where they were piping in music, and screens were up so that people could get a better view.
The Mass was over, but I could see Swiss Guard helmts bobbing along, and then(Whoa!) the actual Pope himself, waving from a little white chariot-thing. He was tiny, his face just a

wee pink blob, to me, but he waved in my direction, and I actually felt quite excited. Everyone was clapping and carrying on.
I liked Rome, except for the heat and humidity, but I think Venice was even better. Glad I went, and got home before I got so dreadfully ill. Imagine being 'like that' on a plane! Oy!

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Love the action sketch of ginger tom, but I am very distracted by your dog-poop paper!

The whole notebook is like that, including the technicolor cover.

Sounds like a great trip. I sympathise about the crowds - Belgium and Berlin weren't too bad, but London is far more packed than I expected at this time of year.  I was in the Tate Modern yesterday (ghastly place, horrible exhibition space) and it was jammed. I can't imagine what it's like in summer.

Can't say I'm a big Tate Modern fan either. Partly because of the crowds. It's incredibly popular.

One thing I did notice though was that there's far less traffic than before the congestion charge.  A lot of the roads were virtually empty and we mostly saw cabs and buses with the odd delivery truck (bit like New York). What a difference. 

It was nice revisiting all the museums, but the crowds really got to me.  It didn't help travelling every day on packed trains on the Piccadilly line (we're staying out at Heathrow). A week in London was plenty and I won't be too unhappy to go home tomorrow. I miss the kittehs:).

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