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Roma 1...
It seems a long time ago, what with the week and a half of  intense lurgy that followed.
I didn't sketch much, or take many notes, either, so I'd best set some snippets down before I completely forget what I saw.
I got to the airport OK; no delays or mishaps. I was all wibbly, of course, as per usual, and my mobility's not good at present.
I put my case in the hold, as it was free, we had to meet at the baggage collection spot, anyway, and I wouldn't have to shove it over my head, on the plane , with only one functional shoulder.
This woman with very basic English managed to get us all to the convent (except for the two poshos who opted for the hotel-)
It was spare, of course, with NO TV in the rooms, and you had to share the bathroom, but quite comfy (if you like a hard mattress, which I do; others were not so keen.) I could have done with a decent brekkie...No hot table stuff, like the scrambled eggs I was hoping for; just stale rolls or cornflakes, and dry fruit . Coffee was quite good, though. I don't think I'd want to stay there again, as it's too out of the way, but it was certainly worth checking out. The nuns were quite charming and helpful, too.
The gardens are pretty,and the view of St. Peter's down the hill is lovely.

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So you were somewhere up the Via Aurelia or the like? There are plenty of convents and monasteries there. Wish I'd been there to show you around.

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