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Creepy Christie...
 The new 10 RILLINGTON PLACE series is outstandingly unpleasant. Tim Roth and Samantha Morton are giving topnotch performances, but the real star, as in the film version, is the bloodcurdling 'Ouse of 'Orrors itself. What a dreadful atmosphere many working class people lived in, in those days. In the early seventies. I've had brief sojourns myself  in bedsits that were nearly that bad. There's plenty of squalor about, nowadays, of course, but you don't see anything quite that yellow-browny, dusty and dark.
This morning I felt almost OK, and intended to go go  and about in the gorgeous cold, sunny weather. I enjoyed a teeny croissant and a coffee, until I puked 20 minutes later, and collapsed into the chair, all weak abnd weedy. All I managed in the end was to take the recycling out and creep to the shop for bananas. Since I've bee crook, I've had some amazing dreams, and want to write them down in the coffee shop. Yesterday, when I picked up the prescriptions, though, I had to leave the McDonalld's latte I thought I'd try, and run out into the street, very nearly barfing what I'd had of it. Jesus.


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