Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Still In The Land of Arrgh...

Tried to ring GP as instructed, this morning, but couldn't get through, as everyone seems to be bloody ill. Thought I'd try 111, who say I should see a primary care person, but still can't get through to GP to arrange it. Whimper. I am that little tiny bit better, but not at all as I oughta be.
 I croaked out the doorway to R Next Door, to ask if she could pick up some fruit juice and soup, but she was too busy as her car is acting up again. Unngh... Fuck This Shit. say I. apart from anything else, I'm going stir  crazy.
Well, at least we now have MODUS, a nice, juicy Scandi Noir on BBC4 Saturdays for a few weeks.
I know my workouts are feeble old lady stuff, but it's hard to believe I 've got so very weak so quickly, after only a week and a half of being 'off'. (I was walkling in Rome all day, and according to one of the other old gits,with a pedometer, we were doing at least ten miles a day...)



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