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I feel really low, today; can't draw ,write, or nuffink. Maybe I shouldn't have watched all those COFFIN JOE films last night...They have a strange power... So grotesquely, cheesily unpleasant, so CRAP, yet, in a way, you have to admire the twisted (evidently amphetamine-scrambled-) mind that produced this stuff, that actually had the nerve...
Jose Mojica Malins is kind of a Latino Ed Wood, and his films are so piss-poor that they have a sort of weird validity. He portrays demented gravedigger Coffin Joe himself, and is a deeply unattractive wee man with horrendous overgrown fingernails, apparently real.
Every film of his I've seen so far,is mostly in b&w, with a luridly coloured 'Inferno' sequence, involving naked people being repeatedly pitchforked by musclemen in red silk posing pouches,to a soundtrack of nonstop shrieking, which carries on for about ten minutes. In THIS NIGHT I'LL POSESS YOUR CORPSE, Joe himself is dragged down to hell, where he is terrorised by a wobbling,sequinned red carpet-curtain thing, that (according to the subtitles) moans stuff like "Help me...I'm suffering a lot now!"
There's an amazing amount of blasphemy, when you consider these things were made in Brazil, in the 60's and 70's, mostly. Joe is a complete nihilist who mocks the Church and all authority, maintaining that the only point in life is to continue your bloodline...(Don't ask ME-) This Joe attempts to do by kidnapping lots of mustachioed women in see-through 'babydoll' negligees, and dropping tarantulas and stuff on them to see if they're 'worthy' to be the vessel of his next reincarnation. Generally they are not. There's also a quite astounding 'hunchback' called Bruno, who obviously has a volleyball under his jumper.
In AWAKENING OF THE BEAST, one of the drug fiends who are injected with LSD, and told to concentrate on the philosophy of Coffin Joe (like, I said, don't ask-) hallucinates an aggressive army of buttocks with human faces painted on them, in his technicolour 'hell'...
Don't watch stuff like this.

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