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...I think that's what I've got. I still feel dreeadful. This is my third day without any food at all. Even the thought of coffee sickens me.
I wonder now, if I'll ever travel again. All the people on the tour were looking out for 'the lady with the stick', a couple of them very patronising.
I'm still infuriated about paying £26.00 for a taxi  from London Bridge! I was drenched, though, and feeling ill already. I just couldn't go on.
I don't know if I'd stay in the convent guest house again, either. Had to share a bathroom. It wasn't that bad, though. Very clean. Too far away from the centre though, when you've been slogging all day, and the buses don't run often...

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Argh, how dreadful! Nothing makes you feel more like death.

Oops, accidentally posted that by dropping my phone.  I was going to add that I hope it's over soon.  Apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, I hope you enjoyed the play:).

Wow, that's a hellish virus - I wonder where you picked it up. I hope you feel better soon.

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